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"Shunk Manitu Tanka"

Bronze Bust ©
Limited Edition of 600
12" x 12" x 12" - 15 lbs.
Gallery Appraisal: $1,850
Price: $1320

Shunk manitu tanka is Sioux, meaning "animal that looks like a dog but is a powerful spirit." The expression of this bronze bust captures the spirit of the wolf howl and what it stands for. The center of a wolf's universe is its pack, and howling is the bond that keeps the pack together.

Bret Overturf's sculptures have recently been shown in galleries across the west and southwestern United States.

Please read About The Artist for further information.

Limited Edition: Now Available.

The wolf was revered among Native Americans because of its devotion to its pack, a devotion which parallels the relationship of Indian and tribe. Some have speculated that howling strengthens the social bonds between pack mates. Chorus howls can also end with nasty quarrels between pack mates. Some members, usually the lowest-ranking, may actually be "punished" for joining in the chorus.  P: 307. 272.6994  F: 360.285.1801  POB 923, Cody, WY 82414  © 2005 Wildlife Studio  © Design 2005 SageBrush Studios