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Life-size Bronze ©
Limited Edition of 5
Commissioned Piece
54" x 36" x 9' - 1,000 lbs.
Gallery Appraisal: $95,200
Price: $68,0

This life-size Grizzly Bear's power and will to fight when confronted is captured as a museum quality bronze. Spanish for "Fearless," Intrepido, is a North American Coastal Grizzly whose inspiration came from an animal study expedition in Alaska. With all we have in our world today, all we have achieved, our humble humanity is recalled with one upward cast of the eye.

Bret Overturf's sculptures have recently been shown in galleries across the west and southwestern United States.

Please read About The Artist for further information.

Limited Edition: Number 2 Now Available.

In many Native American cultures, the bear was looked upon with such reverence that members of the culture were not allowed to speak the word for "bear." Instead, they referred to the animal with euphemisms such as: "Angry One," "Black Beast" and "Owner of the Earth."  P: 307. 272.6994  F: 360.285.1801  POB 923, Cody, WY 82414  © 2005 Wildlife Studio  © Design 2005 SageBrush Studios