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Life-size Bronze ©
Limited Edition of 5
Black Bear Series #1
54" x 20" x 36" - 300 lbs.
Gallery Appraisal: $21,700
Price: $15,500

The dynamic presence of the Black Bear's legendary fortitude is portrayed in this life-size bronze. We have known the power of the bear for centuries, a knowledge that has found much expression in Bret Overturf's art. Gurtrude is the first in his series of Black Bear sculptures representing this formidable power.

This bronze was recently featured in the Pena Studio & Gallery of Santa Fe, New Mexico, as well as the Spirits in the Wind Gallery, of Golden, Colorado.

Please read About The Artist for further information.

Limited Edition, Numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 are now available.

Legend holds a firm belief in the ability of some to assume the characteristics of bears. Our English word "berserk" comes from this. It was thought that if a warrior was to don a bear-skin shirt (called a bear-sark) which had been treated with oils and herbs, that the warrior would gain the strength, stamina, and power of the animal. These people would be driven into a frenzy in battle and were said to be capable of biting through the enemy's shields or walking through fire without injury.  P: 307. 272.6994  F: 360.285.1801  POB 923, Cody, WY 82414  © 2005 Wildlife Studio  © Design 2005 SageBrush Studios