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Life-size Bronze ©
Limited Edition of 25
24" x 12" x 16' - 20 lbs.
Gallery Appraisal: $4,620
Price: $3,300

Barsk, Norwegian for "fierce," is a life-size bronze of a Bobcat Kitten. Despite its pussycat appearance when seen in repose, the Bobcat is quite fierce and is equipped to bring down animals as large as deer. This kitten would weigh about 12 pounds half grown, and is ready to live on his own.

Bret Overturf's sculptures have recently been shown in galleries across the west and southwestern United States.

Please read About The Artist for further information.

Limited Edition: Number 7 Now Available.

There is a belief that the Bobcat was introduced to North America by the Vikings around 1000 AD. For nearly three centuries around that time, the Vikings dominated the European scene. From their homelands in Scandinavia they struck westwards, their superb ships carrying them to the eastern coastline of North America five hundred years before Columbus.  P: 307. 272.6994  F: 360.285.1801  POB 923, Cody, WY 82414  © 2005 Wildlife Studio  © Design 2005 SageBrush Studios